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Age of Fishes Museum

Age of Fishes Museum Inc - Educational Resource and Exhibit

The Age Of Fishes Museum is a community organisation that was established in 1999. The Museum houses and displays a collection of 360 million year old fossil fish from the Devonian period, which were found locally.

There is a shortage of funding opportunities for culture and the arts therefore the Museum must continue to raise funds by other means. The Museum endeavours to further enhance the exhibitions through fundraising, sponsorship and philanthropic activities of the Australian community. There is an ongoing requirement to continue development of the exhibitions and educational programs to encourage return visitation, generate media activity and encourage the broader community to visit the Museum, which in turn assists the Museum to raise funds for ongoing costs.

How will the funds be used?

The funds will be used to develop exhibitions for education. The planned exhibits will be for the fossil slabs which are exceptionally large and heavy. Further exhibition development is planned for "fossil in a box" which will be a travelling exhibition and educational resource for schools. Professional design and advice will be required to develop the exhibitions and resources.

Key Areas of Expenditure

Fossil slab exhibition in the Age Of Fishes Museum to facilitate interpretation and educational content at a variety of levels - (currently the slabs are displayed on timber pallets).
The research and development of "fossil in a box" and educational travelling exhibit
Professional planning costs and engineering costs for construction

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Yes, when Age of Fishes Museum is able

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