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Beyond Zero Emissions is one of Australia’s most respected climate change think-tanks. We produce independent research which shows that zero emissions is technically feasible and affordable now.

Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) is a volunteer-powered climate and energy solutions think tank. We’re a community of people with expertise in engineering, science, economics and communications. We donate thousands of hours of our time, and show through rigorous peer reviewed research that there are real, practical and affordable solutions that can kickstart our transition to a zero-carbon economy.

Many people and organisations generously and regularly give BZE  financial support, allowing us to deliver projects like the Million Jobs Plan and Diversifying the Hunter; and programs Business and Industry and Zero Carbon Communities. These generous gifts don’t cover all our costs, and we need your help to keep our community together and delivering results.

Your support through either a single or regular donation will help us to deliver projects including:

  • The Million Jobs Plan: is a framework to restore our economy. We’ve mapped out how we can rebuild our nation through practical projects that can restore our economy, modernise our industry, reskill our workforce and deliver a bright and secure economic future for all.
  • Diversifying the Hunter: BZE is working with businesses, industries and communities in the Hunter region to create their own vision for a renewable, diversified and resilient Hunter Valley. This project also aims to act as a framework to show how regional Australia can thrive and benefit from diversifying their economy and taking advantage of the opportunities of a decarbonised economy.
  • Zero Carbon Communities: is an initiative of BZE designed to support local communities to reduce emissions and thrive. The Zero Carbon Community program elevates and empowers Australian communities with strategic advice and resources such as the Zero Carbon Communities Guide and Snapshot Climate tool.

Help us deliver on our mission and show that a zero emissions Australia is achievable and affordable now. Please donate to BZE and be a part of our movement.

Thank you,

Heidi Lee (CEO) and the Beyond Zero Emissions team.


PS... Thanks to your support we’ve had great success, here are just a few of our recent publications:

The Million Jobs Plan - a framework that can restore our economy, modernise our industry, reskill our workforce and deliver a bright and secure economic future.

The 10 Gigawatt Vision -  released last year, showed how the Northern Territory can put renewable energy at the centre of a sustainable growth strategy, creating over 8,000 new jobs and $2 billion in revenue by 2030. 

Electrifying Industry - The report shows how electrical heating can be used in the manufacturing of everyday products such as food, paper, bricks, plastic and steel.

The Zero Carbon Communities Guide - quickly inspired community confidence and action at the local level.

Rethinking Cement - is the world’s first report showing how cement can be decarbonised - generated national interest and support across the construction and infrastructure sector within months of its release.

For a full list and access to Beyond Zero Emissions research (2010 – 2020) please visit our website.

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