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GreyhoundAngels of WA

GreyhoundAngels of WA


GreyhoundAngels of WA are a not for profit animal welfare charity dedicated to the welfare and rehoming of Greyhounds. 

In Australia it is estimated more than 17,000 Greyhounds are killed each year in the process of breeding and racing. GreyhoundAngels aims to raise awareness of Greyhounds suitability as pets in order to rehome these dogs once in retirement.

Unfortunately, vet bills aren't cheap and there is no doggie Medicare. Once off the track, Greyhounds must be vet checked, de-sexed and vaccinated. Often they are injured or in poor health and require extra treatment.

As an open minded, no kill organisation, we take in dogs regardless of what they may cost to rehabilitate.

Some examples of extra costs that often leave us out of pocket

  • surgery for dogs injured whilst racing or training
  • medication for dogs taken in with medical conditions eg. eye drops or anti-biotics
  • behavioural interventions for dogs with high anxiety

They are then homed with volunteer foster careres and need bedding and food until they are able to be placed in their perfect home.

GreyhoundAngels have a no kill policy which means there is no time limit on the re-homing of these dogs and they may potentially live out their days in foster care.

If you cant afford any financial contribution but want to help, please get in touch!

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PO BOX 1097 Willagee Central


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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.