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Western Australian Aids Council

Young Hearts Campaign

The young people of today have always lived in a world with HIV/AIDS. Those of us who grew up in the 50's, 60's and 70's without too many concerns, and certainly not the worry of AIDS, are now aware tht their children and other young people are doing all the things we did and probably more. What a scary thought!

The AID's epidemic which began 20 years ago...

in Australia is now impacting on our youth in a way parents, teachers and concerned members of the community have not beeen trained for, or have any real experience to deal with.

The WA AIDS Council is committed to keeping our young people safe and healthy. We want our young people to get knowledge about HIV/AIDS so that they are empowered to make safe sex decisions. We want them to know about the life long consequences of the unsafe use of alcohol and drugs which leads them to having sex when they are not in control or sharing needles. For our young same sex attacted people, we want them to be free from buying and harassment and a feeling of worthlessness. We dont' want them to think that suicide is the only option or that in order to feel loved, having unsafe sex is OK.

We are committed to the Young Hearts Campaign and through this are assisting parents, schools and the community to keep our youth safe.

Your donation will assist us with our projects directly aimed a young people through our schools education program, leavers week actvities and Freedom Centre drop in centre.

Be young at heart and help the WA AIDS Council to continue our work keeping our youth fit and healthy to enjoy the rest of their lives.

Key Areas of Expenditure

Schools education program
Leavers week activities
Support for the Freedom drop in center

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PO BOX 1510

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.